Friday, April 11, 2014

SE and Santa Cruz Big Ripper Colab

SE Bikes, known for making some of the best race/bmx bikes out there, has teamed up with Santa Cruz skateboards to come up with the Screaming Hand Big Ripper.  It has been designed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Santa Cruz Skateboards.  29" wheels.  Special embossed seat and grips.  Custom padset with logos drawn by Jim Phillips.  As a bonus it also comes with a Screaming Hand skate deck with similar design themes.  Wether you use it in your hood or your local bmx track, one thing is for sure - one ride on this gem and you'll be hooked.  Only 200 have been made world wide.  We had 2 but now only this one stands.  Don't miss out on this rare piece of biking history.  $780.