Monday, January 27, 2014

XGames Big Air

A lot of serious riding went down a couple of nights ago at the XGames Big Air jump. A couple of years back you would only see a few guys pulling out the triple corks, now it seems as if it is a staple trick for every one competing. Max Parrot dominated the jump doing multiple triple corks with a hudge amount of style and ease, and took the first place medal. While the youngest rider in the contest, Yuki Kadono at age 17, wasnt too far behind him in points throwing a backside 1620 triple and stomping the landing. While my favorite trick of the night had to be Halldor's giant method grab all tweaked out.  It is always a great and amazing thing to see how fast the bar can be raised in a compition setting and if you watched the X Games this past weekend then you experienced that already, if not watch the clips below. -Howard

PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen.