Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday Night Ride

Just as the title states, we'll be riding West Hartford Res. tonight. Parking by route 44. Be at the shop by no later than 5, at the spot by 5:30.  Monsoon season should be done by now so we will start to try some new areas- Rockland, Millers, Tylers Mill and other places adversely affected by mother natures continued precipitation over the past few weeks.

Trail tip: When you are out on your next ride, keep an eye out for down trees and other obstacles blocking trails. Instead of making a go around, try your best to get them out of the way. Carrying a small, folding saw is a great to have in your bag during the windy season.  Fiskars makes a couple nice, small pruning models that would surprise you with their cutting ability and will run you less than a $20 bill.

Ride safe and hope to see some of you tonight and/or at Nembafest this weekend-Adam