Monday, April 29, 2013

Ithaca Slide Jam

What an amazing weekend Comet skateboards put together for everyone in the northeast. With a awesome hill closed off in the center of Ithaca and ramps laying up and down either side of, it the jam was on! The road was super steep and had pavement that would slide beautifully. Click Read More for additional photos and the rest of the coverage!

Comet built some insane banks ramps, kickers and a wild table top jump that had kids really pushing their limits.  Dippy from and I got up to the hill with a couple friends bright and early and were shocked at the volume of riders already on the hill. There was hundreds of kids already charging the hill and throwing down! The event brought people out from all across the country as well as Canada. The ramps were a great addition to what would have been an awesome slide jam regardless.

Brian Peck and Liam Morgan lurking
 It was a long day of skating, and lurking hard.  After hours and hours of insane skating things got crazier. Time for the longest slide contest! Kids were barreling from the top, straight lining it to the bottom then locking into Huge slides. Check the video below to see for yourself.
 Connecticuts Laura Nocka getting down the hill the best way..Sideways! 

 I personally would like to thank Comet and local pizza shop for making this part happen..Lunch time!!
What could be better then free pizzas!

The Jam was just about to end but what event could end without a product toss!
Hundreds of kids battled over a bunch of gear courtesy of Comet skateboards.
Ending what could possibly be the raddest east coast event I've been to!

The very next day we got together with Brian Peck and all the other Comet guys for their Outlaw race.The race took place about 15 minutes outside of town in farm country.  The race hill was awesome. It was about 1 mile long, steep and had a really nice right to left hand turn that had claimed skin from a few of the riders. We posted up at the lefty to see what carnage ensued!

 Buddy Liam Morgan with his new pro model deck on the far left about to take off running in hopes of getting the lead right off the bat. 
Leaning through the lefty!!
 Transportation from the bottom back to the top was provided by the Comet Open Road Crew van. This van is a beast, it was like the little engine that could at certain points in time due to the amount of riders it was hauling back up to the top!!
Mid air bail!! This had to hurt..


 Big Dave getting down the hill with style in my last shot of the day. All in all an amazing weekend full of ridiculous skating. Can't wait till next year!!-Howard