Monday, April 22, 2013

EarthDay Longboard Jam

 This past Saturday marked the third Greenskates longboard jam that was sanctioned by CT longboarders. Victor Tu headed the event with CTDH and let me just say first off if you were not there you missed out.  The morning was looking gloomy with a lot of rain overnight leaving behind wet roads.  Despite the wetness there was a great turn out.  Around 40 people showed up to ride.  We started off with an early morning push on the rails to trails system in Cheshire.  Click Read More below to continue!!

We pushed for close to an hour on a scenic trail through the woods to warm up for the day.  Around the corner from where we started was the race course. We headed up to the hill for a run down on the day and by the time we got there the roads were dry and ready to ride! Victor headed the volunteers meeting as well as the riders meeting. Afterwords the race was on!!

Victor heading the event giving the volunteers their instructions.
Riders meeting!
On your marks get set....GO!!!!

Riders lined up over and over throughout the early afternoon.  Racing down the half mile course with speed.  The course was pretty fast and had three left hand turns that claimed a couple of the riders. After much good riding/racing we had a winner. First place went to Kevin Rebhorn!! You couldn't ask for a better crew to ride with for the day. Everyone was positive and talented on their boards. I look forward to the next time that I get to ride with everyone again. A huge thanks to Victor Tu of CTDH!! Check out the link for more info on CTDH -Howard
Tucker getting challenged right before the first turn!
Photo by Patrick Dempsey

Corey slappin five with myself.
Photo by Patrick Dempsey
The winners, Keith Rebhorn 1st, Tucker Bishop 2nd, Mark Blachura  3rd
Corey won gloves for longest slide and the VP of Centrals LB club earned himself a free helmet by being the most deserving there being that he hadn't had one! 
End of the day group shot!!
Photo by Patrick Dempsey