Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Stay Warm

Stop wearing layers of cotton and get some proper gear. We've got the insulated pieces you need here in the shop. With cold temperatures like today, yesterday and the weeks to come you need to stay warm out there.  Wearing cotton layers under your shell jacket leads to you being cold.  Make sure you wear a micro fleece under layering, a insulated liner or a insulated Jacket to ensure warmth. Check out  shop rider Danny Tedesco in just a few of the jackets and the insulated liners that we have here at the shop. Howard
Danny gettin into some stunts in the Analog Amsterdam jkt
Burton Deerfield jacket 15k waterproofing 10k breathability $219.99

To the left is the Burton-Groton jacket/liner with Dryride tech  at $159.99 
To the right is the Analog Amsterdam 10k waterproofing 10k breathability $319.99