Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mt Snow

Mt snow has been doing a lot this year. If you haven't been up yet this year make sure you go soon. Although the temp is a bit warm they covered the mtn with snow from there 200 different snow guns so the quality of riding wont skip a beat. Check out their website for upcoming deals and specials

"Have you ever seen what it looks like when over 200 snow guns are blasting top to bottom on a bluebird morning when the temps are hovering in the single digits?  It;s really cool.  Even though there aren't any clouds in the sky, the mountain is seemingly shrouded in a self produced weather system.  That's what we experienced last week with the spell of arctic air that lingered around. With relatively normal winter conditions returning, with an above normal day or two expected this week, we can comfortably enjoy the silly amount of fluffy snow that our snowmakers blanketed  the trails with.  February is going to be a rockin month so we hope you can join us here to enjoy all the goodness really soon" Mt snow