Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Emma Peel

We are the longest lasting Libtech dealer on the east coast and 
we are the only shop in CT to get this board. SUPER LIMITED
Signed by the artist Nick Russian
The experiMENTAL Division at Mervin has taken our favorite Emma Peel artwork and shape from the 90’s by Emma Peel designer and artist Nick Russian and combined it with the world’s best modern camber/banana snowboard geometries! C3 Camber Dominant Banana Tech is a snowboard specific camber geometry that incorporates a mild Banana Tech rocker between your feet, combined with cambers at each end of the board and takes cambered board performance to new levels. Perfect for aggressive freestyle and freeriders who enjoy that positive camber feel! All the en-to-end stability, power and control of traditional camber plus the addition of Banana Tech’s improved carving on hardpack and ice, easy float in pow and freestlye fun. The world’s best camber snowboard is a Banana! Rip even harder than you did in the 90’s! Technology is on your side!