Friday, September 28, 2012

Snowboard Spotlight: Burton Family Tree

The new Burton Family Tree line is designed to encompass the lineage of Burtons roots with new modern shapes, sizes, flex, and graphics designed for the true core rider. From backcountry lines to hiking up finding new lines in the woods, to big mountain freestyle, there is a board for each style of big mountain riding. With pro riders, engineers, and designers working hard in the Craig Kelly prototype facility, they have been able to create a line that truly features all aspects from the past, present, and of what is still to come.

Cutting Edge is proud to announce the arrival of the highly anticipated:
 Family Tree Cheetah 159cm (pictured first) 
and a Family Tree Spliff 148cm (pictured second)

The Cheetah is Terje's unofficial pro model. A combination of a swallowtail, being slightly tapered, and cambered shape with a set back stance, makes it perfect for speed, precision, and floatation. 

The Spliff is a backwoods machine. This split board features nug reduction allowing you to downsize 8-10cm making hiking untracked terrain easier than even. The reverse camber shape ensures you all the float and maneuverability you need when riding some new lines in fresh pow!