Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lib Tech's Travis Rice Deal of the Season!

                                                                                                                                                              Stop in today for one of the best deals of the season! Travis Rice Horsepower pro model originally $699.99 on sale for only $499.99! Sizes 153cm and 157cm available!
The Lib Tech Travis Rice HP is an environmentally-friendly version of this seasons Travis Rice pro model. Using Horsepower construction, a Columbian Gold core and 100% Basalt fibre reinforcement, Lib Tech have managed to create a similarly performing deck for the more environmentally conscious rider. It’s also got the longest name in the business.
For the 2011 season Travis Rice worked with Lib Tech’s experiMENTAL division to incorporate Horsepower construction into his favorite X Games winning, C2 Power Banana, Magnetraction all-mountain freestyle board. Travis’ Horsepower construction features all basalt construction (no traditional fiberglass), BEANS topsheet material and Columbian Eco Timber. This board is Volcanic, Organic, Power Banana performance. 100% shredtassium for sliding in and out of tricky situations with ease in all types of riding conditions: hardpack, park, pipe, pow, rails and even ice.