Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WayBack Wednesday!

Cutting Edge North
Tony Alva skating the bowl
From 1989 to 2001 is when the Cutting Edge North was in full affect in Bennington VT. The motto was "We're from Vermont we do what we want." Drinking beers and late night parties and punk shows were the norm. Skating at this awesome indoor skatepark was the regular for some OG skaters some even from CT such as Bato, Merk, Sloppy Sam, Big Tim, Benny B, Jeff Toma and Jim Gagne. The park had a bowl in a symmetrical shape six and a half feet deep with 96 feet of coping to grind on surrounding it. The bowl later on turned into a "test tube" mini ramp and if you didn't follow the rules on the sign witch read "No Flippy Tricks in the Bottom of the Bowl" then you were outa there. If you ever get the chance to look in the Thrasher archives you'll have to look for the issue from the mid nineties highlighting the Cutting Edges influence on the skate scene in VT, and if you do get to see this issue you'll see longtime New England skater Mike Tallone airing outa the ramp in Jamaica VT with a big'ol CE sticker on his deck...This skate park created a home for a lot of skaters in Vermont and CT and for that we thank you Nick.... If your interested in whats been going on now in VT check out Nicks newest store called Podium in Manchester center VT.