Friday, November 5, 2010

Flow! Set it and forget it.

Flow Era
The all-new Era with added carbon is modified this year for more pop and aggressive park and all-mountain riding, and we ain’t kidding. The Era will allow you to charge cliff lines, blast off park kickers and attack the rails with little effort, thanks to the technology dripping from this stick. I-ROCK allows you to carve hard without slipping out, while Whiskey Royale technology keeps the board stable at high speeds and EZTraditional sidecut makes turn initiation easier than ever. The Era is here, and it’s here to slay.

Quattro SE
The Quattro-SE is suited up with a bomb-proof H-Series baseplate, a 15% glass filled nylon ventilated hiback that gives you the power you require, and it cuts down on excess weight by using medial coarse-adjustments and lateral Airframe MINIratchets. Movable toeramps and EVA cushioning pads keep you light on your feet to compliment the Flow binding that will keep you light on your board. The Quattro-SE will breathe new life and “def” into your park and street assaults, all the while keeping it more mellow and cushy on the early morning groomers.