Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

In the fad-filled 1980s, it's no surprise to find a film completely dedicated to the sport of skating, especially when the sport lends so well to playing a score of hit songs to sell the soundtrack. At its essence, Thrashin' isn't much more than The Karate Kid on skateboards, complete with a gang of bullies, plenty of sabotaging, a love interest that is all but completely forbidden to the hero, and a tournament showdown for the respect of everyone involved.
   I've watched this movie tons of times, and recomend you watching it too.
 Josh Brolin (The Goonies, Flirting with Disaster) stars as Cory Webster, a teenager in San Fernando Valley who loves to skate, but he and his boys (known as the "Ramp Locals") are constantly belittled by a gang of skaters called the "Daggers", led by the emotionally erratic, but highly talented, Tommy Hook (Rusler, A Nightmare on Elm Street 2). Cory ends up meeting and falling for Chrissy (Gidley, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me), fresh from the Midwest, but complications arise when he finds out she is Tommy's sister, and the Dagger doesn't want her seeing anyone from the lowly valley. They are all set to compete in a big skateboarding downhill race that would garner the winner $1,000 and a big endorsement deal with a skateboard manufacturer. The fight for skate supremacy, as well as for Christy's loyalty, makes everyone put what they have on the line.Qwipster