Monday, August 30, 2010


The End Of Summer Bummer bike jam went extremely well yesterday afternoon. At least 50 people showed up to Newington skate park to ride along with a whole bunch of spectators. I got up there a little late due to a traffic incident but got there none the less. AMERICA! Once I got there we set up the grill and started cooking. The food was devoured fast. Everyone got lined up for the bunny hop contest announced by guest celebrity Big Ben McCarthy from Hartford Hardcore. Big thanks to Ben for the amusing commentary. Tom Kalmanidis took first place with an amazing hop of 40 inches! Second place went to James Nelson who cleared 39 inches and was struggling for that last inch. Afterwards everyone kept riding until the sun started to set. After a quick clean up effort myself and Tony spread out all sorts of free product in the adjacent baseball field and had a free-for-all bum rush style product hunt. Thanks to everyone who showed up, helped out, cleaned up and had fun. Ryan    for the rest of the photos go to thank you Tony Tyant