Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Way Back Wednesday!!

“The Wheelin Free Team”

The team was established in 1976. It was probably CTs first skateboard team. Comprised of “radical” skaters from Berlin, Newington and Plainville. Team members included; Craig, Nick (Patrick), Amy Pedemonti, Lisa Pedemonti, Tommy “O” Owens, Timmy Brown, Tom and Bob Fanciullo, Tom Fanciullo, David Staino, Kenny Hopkins and Dennis Flanders. The team was founded with the purpose of sharing their passion for skating. The wheelin free team traveled together to perform skate demos at the Berlin Fair, Essex Town Hall, and Clinton Bluefish Festival. They entertained the crowds with handstands, headstands, hang tens, high jumps and other tricks on the banked ramps. The team also enjoyed skating together at Rock Park, Vernon Skatepark, and competed at all the local contests with a “go for it” attitude. The WFT was a huge part of the skate scene in the 70s! Here are some photos of a few demos from way back when.