Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Way Back Wednesday

Rodney Mullen

Way Back Wednesday this week is dedicated to Rodney Mullen. Rodney Started skating in 1974 and 9 months later he was sponsored. He has only lost one competition in his life and he placed 2 due to a cold. Even though Rodney skates mostly street/flatland he has even won a vert comp. back in the day. In 1992 Rodney and Steve Rocco started World Industries, than in 2002 he created Almost skateboards and in 2003 he wrote a book titled "The Mutt: How to skateboard and not kill yourself" Rodney is a very positive person who is still skating and designing new innovative skateboard decks such as Uber Construction, He has inspired us greatly. He's been by the shop a few times and we hope to see him again.

Rodney Mullen Skateboarding Tricks Invented:
•Flatground Ollie
•Godzilla Rail Flip
•540 Shove-it
•50-50 Saran Wrap
•Helipops (360 Nollie)
•No Handed 50-50 Kickflip
•Double heelflips
•Ollie Impossible
•360 Flip
•360 pressure Flip
•Casper 360 Flip
•50-50 Sidewinders
•One footed Ollie
•Backside 180 Flip
•Ollie Nosebones
•Ollie Fingerflip
•Frontside Heelflip Shove-its
•Switchstance 360 Flips
•Helipop Heelflips
•Kickflip Underflip
•Casper Slides
•Half Flip Darkslide
•540 double kickflip
•Caballerial impossible
•Half-cab kickflip underflip
•Handstand flips
•Rusty slides