Monday, June 7, 2010

From Milford to Maloof

Got a chance to go down to Queens NY on sunday to check out the Maloof Money Cup with John Cassandra of Hoodlum Skateboard co. And Andrew of Skateors mentoring. It was definatly a crazy long day that was packed full of sick skating. Largest cash prize ever  given away at a skateboard event, 100,000 that ended up going home with Chris Cole of the Zero team. 2nd went to P-Rod and third went to Torrey Pudwell. We left out of Milford around 9am and ended up getting to Flushing Meadows around Noon. Got there right on time to watch the Am. finals and time to find a solid seat on the bleachers. The weather ened up holding out right untill the final round was done then it downpoured.  The three of us ended up hiding under a tree for a bit and when it slowed down we made a dash for the subway station and started our voyage home. All in all amazing day with good people.Ryan